Do Hypnosis CDs Really Work?

The short answer to that question is "yes" - hypnosis CD's do work. But many people have poor results using CD's because they don't understand how hypnosis works.

If I were hypnotizing you in my office, I would be able to slow down, speed up or change my wording depending on the feedback I got from you during the hypnosis process. Unfortunately I'm not there to do this when you listen to a CD. But a basic understanding of the hypnosis process can insure your success.

Hypnosis is really just a state of heightened mental focus. It's that focus that allows hypnotic suggestions to enter the subconscious mind where they can do their work.

Hypnosis is not sleep or sleep-like. You are fully awake and aware (although your conscious mind might drift, like when you daydream). And because hypnosis is a state of mind, it doesn’t feel any different from your normal state.

Let me say that another way - it is very difficult for someone in a state of hypnosis to tell that they are in hypnosis.

Here is what happens to many people: They listen to the CD and enter hypnosis. But they expect to feel "different" and when this doesn't happen they say "This isn't working!" or "I don't think I'm hypnotized!" Unfortunately, saying this acts as a negative suggestion that can undo everything and bring you right out of hypnosis.

You see, the proper mental attitude is necessary for successful hypnosis. You just need to relax and leave aside any preconceived notions. This will be easy for those of you who are imaginative, creative types. For those of you who are highly analytical, your conscious mind can be a stumbling block. Your conscious mind will want to analyze and question everything that happens. So you need to think of the experience as simply gathering data - just experience whatever happens and save the analyzing and questioning for later.

If you've been using a program on CD for some time without results, one of two things is probably happening: (1)you are not entering hypnosis or only reaching light levels, (2) there is an emotional blockage hampering your success. The answer to either of these problems is to see a professional hypnotist.

If you are not entering hypnosis or not going deep enough, a professional can guide you into the proper mental state and test your depth of hypnosis to be sure you get the desired results. He or she can then set a "trigger" so that you can be sure of entering the proper level of hypnosis whenever you want. This can be done in one session.

If you are still not getting results after this, then there is most likely a deeper emotional issue that must be addressed. Here again the hypnosis professional can help you, but it will be a longer process (anywhere from two up to six sessions or more).

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