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How Can Hypnosis Eliminate Undesirable Habits Such As Nail Biting?

By Rick Minter

All habits are performed through the unconscious mind, i.e. done without thinking about the action. A bad habit does not always have an underlying cause. Sometimes habits are developed simply because the activity creates a pleasant feeling. However, nail biting is typically not a 'feel good' habit, although the individual may think so. Nail biting is a habit that is often stress-related or may be the result of a simple physical routine, or can be a symptom of deeper psychological problems. Whatever the cause, the habit of nail biting can be very easily and effectively stopped with hypnotherapy and supported through properly taught, self-hypnosis.

The primary goal of hypnotherapy is to teach the individual to make a positive change in the reaction to the negative stimuli. When the habit of nail biting is stress related, hypnosis helps the individual to effectively release and work through tension and anxiety.

Three very powerful mental-guided tools can be used when the habit of nail biting is determined to be a simple physical routine. The three powerful tools are:

  • Association: link the undesirable behavior to something truly unpleasant, such as very bad taste or smell
  • Substitution: replace the undesirable behavior with a more desirable and harmless one. Most individuals who bite and/or chew their nails are embarrassed by the appearance of their hands/fingers and will hide their hands from view. The reverse habit could be applied resulting in the desire to have attractive nails/hands through good grooming habits.
  • Anchoring: the suggestion that establishes association and substitution in the unconscious memory: associating the bad taste or smell each time the individual sees the fingers coming to their mouth and substituting the desire for attractive hands and fingernails.

Nail biting/chewing may sometimes be caused by deeper psychological problems related to low self-esteem. Hypnosis is a highly effective method to instill a high level of self-esteem and confidence allowing the individual to take pride in personal appearance.

Hypnosis is very effective in eliminating undesirable behaviors because just as bad habits can be broken with hypnosis, hypnosis can introduce more desirable ones. Through hypnosis, positive decisions of change made during the experience of deep relaxation and highly focused concentration strengthens resolve and ensures they carry over when under stress. Hypnosis allows the individual to communicate with the unconscious mind to align with the conscious mind so both entities work toward the desired goal.

As a practicing Hypnotherapist, Rick Minter guides people, in individual or group sessions, to create positive changes in their lives by gaining self-control over habits or other issues that currently control them such as tobacco use, poor eating habits, phobias, stuttering, nail biting, pain, depression, stress, test anxiety, study habits, etc. Go to http://hypnosis-guidetobetterliving.blogspot.com/ to learn more about the wonderful benefits of hypnosis.

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