Past Life Regression Hypnosis

Hypnosis Lifts "The Veil of Forgetting" So You Can Explore Past Lives

Are you curious about past lives? Do you believe in reincarnation? Have you ever recognized a location that you have never been to before? Would you like to learn who you were and what you did in past incarnations? Past Life Regression Hypnosis can give you the answers that you seek.

Under hypnosis, remembering past lives is no more difficult than remembering what you did five years ago.

Are Past Life Experiences Under Hypnosis Real?

The truth is, I have no idea. The experiences certainly seem as real as any memory from your past. I leave it up to each individual to determine whether these experiences are valid or not.

What Happens In A Past Life Regression Session?

Your past life regression hypnosis session begins with an explanation of hypnosis and a discussion of your expectations.You are free to ask any questions you might have. You are then guided into a deep hypnotic state where it becomes possible to access past life memories. You will be able to remember everything you experience under hypnosis, but I also record each session which I burn onto a CD that you can take home.

What If I Can't Remember My Past Lives?

I have never had this happen. But, for your peace of mind, I guarantee that you will have a past life experience or I will refund your fee in full. That's a full money-back guarantee!

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