Psychic Development and Metaphysical Hypnosis

UltraHeight(R) Hypnosis

Developed by hypnosis legend Jerry Kein, UltraHeight(R) Hypnosis is a new cutting edge method for accelerating the process of self-healing.

First you are guided into a state of deep relaxation. Then as your body continues to relax deeper, your mind is directed to move upward into states of higher consciousness.

Experience states of blissful peace. Access your own ability to discover the cause and cure of your problems.

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UltraHeight is so powerful that it has become my preferred method of hypnotic healing.

Psychic Development

Hypnosis is a powerful and effective way to develop your innate psychic abilities. If you have struggled with various systems trying to develop your psychic talents you may be surprised to learn how powerful hypnosis is. In only one or two sessions you can:

  • talk to your spirit guides
  • learn to see auras
  • practice astral projection

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Destiny Hypnosis

Discover your destiny with the Informing Soul Technique. This is what master hypnotists Cal Banyan - who developed the technique - has to say about it:

"Let me ask you one very important question… What are the two most important days in your life? I’ll give you a hint, one of them is the day that you are born. Do you have any guesses what the second most important day is?"

"No, it is not when you die. It is not even when you get married, have a child, retire or anything like that. The other most important day in your life is they day you learn why you were born!"

"Why you came into this life is the most important thing you could do now, because it positively affects your whole life from then on! This knowledge gives us a purpose in life."

"Basically, the Informing Soul Technique can be understood as the use of hypnosis to enable an individual to go before she was incarnated, back to her pure soul consciousness. Once in this state, the hypnotist can speak to the soul of the individual and find out why she is coming into this life, and gather other information as well... such as:

  • Her role and purpose in the upcoming life
  • Any relationships continued from before
  • The purpose of any special challenges in this life
  • Her main reason for coming into this life!"

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Past Life Regression Hypnosis

Are you interested in past lives and reincarnation? Do you wonder who you were in a past life? Do you wonder if events from previous lives are still effecting you today?

Now you can satisfy your curiosity. Travel back in time and explore one or more of your past lives in a personalized one-on-one session.

Get more details at my past life regression hypnosis page.

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