Free Online Self Hypnosis MP3

The hypnotic induction below is based on the induction developed by Dave Elman. It will help you reach a deep level of hypnosis very quickly. I've made the self hypnosis induction available as both an MP3 file and as a WAV file.

First you will relax your eyes, then you will allow that relaxation to spread through your body. The relaxation is then deepened through counting. It is quick, simple and highly effective.

Sit or recline comfortably. It is recommended that you do not lie down as you are more likely to fall asleep. Also, do not attempt either induction when you are tired as you are liable to fall asleep. The room does not need to be dark, but lights should be dimmed. Make sure you will not be disturbed for a period of at least ten to fifteen minutes.

Basically, the self hypnosis MP3 below will be guiding you into a state of heightened mental focus. That’s all hypnosis really is. Hypnosis is not sleep or sleep-like. You will be fully awake and aware. And because hypnosis is a state of mind, it doesn’t feel any different from your normal state. Let me say that another way - it is impossible for someone in a state of hypnosis to tell that they are in hypnosis.

A word of warning - if you are always thinking to yourself. “I don’t think this is working,” or “This won’t work” you are – in fact – programming yourself for failure. In hypnosis you are highly suggestible. So if you give yourself the suggestion that “this isn’t going to work,” your subconscious mind will accept it as a fact. Ironically, the deeper your state of hypnosis, the easier it is to “prove” to yourself that hypnosis isn’t working.

So you need to enter into this with the proper mental attitude. That proper mental attitude is one of open ended experimentation. Don’t tell yourself “this will not work” or even “I hope this works!” just enter into the process with an open mind, without any preconceptions, and see what happens.

This will be easy for you if you are imaginative, creative type.

If you are the highly analytical type – like me – your conscious mind can be a stumbling block. Your conscious mind will want to analyze and question everything that happens. So you need to think of this as just a data gathering expedition - just experience whatever happens and save the analyzing and questioning for afterwards. Just let yourself go.

If your conscious mind refuses to stop chattering – as it does for a small percentage of individuals – your only recourse is to see a hypnosis professional. Noll Hypnosis offers a two-session, one-on-one self hypnosis training program.

Practice the induction below 7 to 10 times over the next week and you will be able to enter a state of hypnosis just by closing your eyes and touching your thumb and forefinger together. Remember, hypnosis does not feel any different than any other state of relaxation. You will be conscious and you will be aware of things going on around you.


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