Ultra-Height(R) Hypnosis

Ultra-Height(R) Hypnosis Offers Poweful Results In Less Time Than Traditional Techniques

Ultra-Height(R) Hypnosis is an exciting new method developed in 1993 by one of the nation's top hypnotists, Jerry Kein.

With Ultra-Height(R) Hypnosis you are first guided into a deep level of hypnotic relaxation. Then your body is guided to relax deeper, as your mind is guided to rise higher and higher into a newly discovered level of awareness Jerry Kein has labeled Ultra-Height(R).

It was discovered that bringing the mental awareness of an individual up to this extremely high level, a person can not only discover the root cause of their problem (whether mental or physical) but can also frequently correct the problem on their own!

In other words, Ultra-Height(R) Hypnosis allows you to discover the real cause of whatever your problem is and reveals to you exactly what is necessary for you to become free. It is also a powerful method for accelerating the healing process.

Advantages: This is a very gentle process that often allows you to overcome most problems very quickly. While ordinary hypnosis methods may require 4 or 5 sessions (or more), only 2 Ultra-Height(R) sessions will often be enough. And many times an issue can be overcome without the need to reveal embarrassing details to your hypnotist!

Note: While most people are able to enter the deep state of relaxation needed for Ultra-Height(R) Hypnosis, a few are not. For those people, 5-PATH(TM) would be the recommended course of action.

What is 5-PATH(TM)?

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