Hypnosis for Weight Loss Article

The Weight Loss Secrets Nobody in the Industry Will Tell You

By Erika Slater

The weight loss industry has always focused on the next magic diet to get you to the right size. But the secrets to weight loss are not a special overpriced meal plan or pill you have to purchase.

The secrets to weight loss is it's a three-legged stool and if one of the legs is missing it doesn't matter how sturdy the other two are you'll fall to the ground and gain back all the weight you lost.

The three legs of the stool are: lifestyle, beliefs, and feelings.


Lifestyle includes diet and exercise. Getting to your right size can be an adventure and involves choosing a diet and form of exercise that works for you.

People fret long hours over their diet and whether it should be low-fat or low-carb, or whatever the latest craze is. The dirty little secret on diets is... it doesn't really matter. You'll lose weight with most diets. But the trick is to find the diet that works for you. The diet that works for your best friend maybe a low carb one, but if you try it, you may find you still pack on the pounds or it makes you feel tired all the time.

A healthy lifestyle must include a dose of consistent exercise. Again, don't get concerned about the form of exercise. Ideally you should exercise around 20 minutes each day. Walking as an exercise is something most people can manage. Jogging, swimming, and cycling are other popular forms of exercise. Do something you enjoy otherwise it'll become a burden.

You're looking to increase your activity level and not train for the next Olympics so work within your own capabilities but breaking into a sweat is good.


While most of us can make lifestyle changes fairly easily, changing our beliefs can be much more challenging. But unfortunately this is the leg that if not done is the primary downfall of most weight loss programs.

A common belief among my weight loss clients is no matter how successful they are at losing weight they'll gain it all back again. They even keep their "fat body" clothes around just in case they may need them again. This is what I call the "Fat Head on Thin Body" syndrome.

Having a fat head is a belief you'll always be fat no matter what you do or how successful you are at losing weight - the pounds will eventually all come back. And because it's a belief you don't even realize what's going on because beliefs are usually engaged automatically - stored in your subconscious - and you don't stop and check them unless you call them into question.

Beliefs lead to thoughts and you've probably heard before what you think about influences your outcomes, and negative thoughts will sabotage your attempts at permanent weight loss.


The final leg of the weight loss stool is our feelings. Our beliefs impact our thoughts and feelings which trigger our actions through the decisions we make. But feelings can overpower our logic and willpower. This is why habits are difficult to change and why in weight loss people so frequently fail to stick to the plan.

Your motivations are influenced by your deepest feelings and even though you may consciously want to lose weight, if your beliefs and feelings aren't in alignment with that goal then it's just not going to happen.

Being successful at weight loss means keeping the weight off permanently and this can only happen if you make the appropriate lifestyle changes and work on aligning your beliefs and inner feelings to support your weight loss goals.

Erika Slater is a Certified Hypnotist in Massachusetts and offers private and Group weight loss hypnosis in Boston sessions and you can find out more details about her sessions and self-hypnosis products she offers at her web site: http://www.smoke-free-at-last.com.

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