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Why Diets Don’t Work

For many people diets just don’t work. Maybe you've tried a few different diets. Maybe you lost a little weight but then you gained it all back.

That's because there is more to weight loss than diet and exercise. Don't get me wrong, diet and exercise are important and hypnosis can help motivate you to exercise more and eat better. And for some people that is enough to create real, long-term weight loss.

Old habits are hard to overcome using willpower alone because willpower is temporary and fades away. Habits can only be permanently changed in your subconscious mind where your habits are stored. And as hypnosis works directly with the subconscious mind, one way hypnosis can work for you is by making positive changes to your subconscious mind - literally creating new, healthy habits.

But for many people diet and exercise aren't enough. Many of us over-eat for emotional reasons.

The Emotional Eating Cycle

Many people have acquired a mental habit of connecting emotions such as boredom, insecurity or sadness with food. Eating becomes more than just a way of satisfying physical hunger. And when a person fails to lose weight, the lack of control over food and lowered self-esteem lead to more over-eating. It’s a viscous cycle.

It is only when a person has changed their attitude about themselves and their relationship with food that they can make healthy eating an everyday part of their life.

How It Works

I use a personalized approach to maximize weight loss results. Each session is tailored to your personality and your goals. And modern, efficient hypnosis techniques take you to the right level of hypnosis for you. We will work together in a guilt-free way to install new healthy eating and exercise habits. And we will neutralize negative, limiting beliefs and emotions that would otherwise sabotage your weight loss efforts.

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NOTE: Anyone who suspects they may have an eating disorder or medical condition should seek assistance from a licensed medical or psychological professional. Hypnosis should not be used as a stand-alone treatment for medical or psychological disorders. If you have been formally diagnosed with a disorder or medical condition, I will need a written referral from your healthcare provider to assist you.

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